Does dried water spots on your vehicle make you completely angry?

There's nothing more frustrating… Right?


You take the time out of your busy day to take your car to be professionally washed at your local car wash.

Then when you drive your vehicle home and step back to admire your sparkling clean car in your driveway. There they are! Those nasty unsightly dried water streak on your doors and other parts of your vehicle.

When you have your car washed at Fairway Car Wash in Roseville, you will drive away with peace of mind knowing you have a streak-free vehicle, Guaranteed!


Having your car washed or even waxed at the Fairway Car Wash (check out our services.) Part of our drying process includes our air blower system.

Our air gun blows away water trapped in all the crooks and crevices on your vehicle. So, no more unsightly streaks on your car. We guarantee it!

When your car has gone through our car wash and dried, we finish the drying process using our air blower.

The air blower goes around your side mirror, door jams, and other parts of your vehicle where water can sit. No more trickling water that dries on the drive home and leaves a nasty hard water streak on your car.

Water spots can be avoided by drying after washing using a "shammy" cloth or towel for on your car.

What causes water streaks is mineral deposits or hard or soft water. When the water dries, it leaves behind a thin and unsightly residue that is hard to remove.

But not for us at Fairway Car Wash. We have the equipment and know-how to remove those unsightly stains. Contact Us.

Fairway Car Wash

The next time your car needs washing or water stains removed. Please bring your vehicle to Fairway Car Wash in Roseville, and drive away with a streak-free car, Guaranteed!

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