What’s the Benefits of a Full-Service Car Wash?

What can I expect from a full-service car wash?

Peace of Mind. With professional full-service associates at the Fairway carwash in Roseville, we take pride and care with every vehicle. We give each car the same detailed attention it deserves, guaranteed.


Quality care. You'll experience a quality cleaning like no other for your vehicle from our trained professional employees who have the right cleaning equipment and training to perform a professional cleaning. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Convenience. The full-service car wash is conveniently located at the Fairway Creek Shopping Center and takes approximately 25-30 minutes, depending on which carwash package you select. Relax in our indoor or outdoor waiting areas or shop in our store for a snack, gift, or a greeting card.

Detailing your vehicle could take several hours, so please contact our car wash for an approximate time.

Routine car care. A full-service car wash is different from a car detailing service. While a full-service car wash is thorough, old fabric stains on car seats or floor mats are likely to remain. This distinction is essential. A full-service car wash relieves the need for frequent car detailing and is recommended to alleviate the expense of car detailing.

We offer a wide variety of carwash cleaning services to suit everyone's budget.
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With our complete detailing service package, we will revitalize your vehicle from the inside out so it's sparkling clean.
Check out our full-service washes and express detailing services to our full-service auto detailing, where we make the car look like new again.

Our high-pressure air gun forces water out of the exterior's crevices, leading to a perfect glossy look—no annoying dried water streaks on your car.

Our Slip Stream Car Wash includes:-
• Full-Service Wash
• Wheel Brite
• Underbody Wash
• Air Freshener
• Clear-Coat Protection
• Triple Coat Wax
• Tire Dressed
• Exterior Bumper Dressing
• Durashiel+
• Slip Stream (Spray Wax)

Basic Express

On a budget? We offer a basic wash for only $8.

That includes:-
• Express Exterior Wash
• Spot Free Rinse
• Clear Coat Protection
• Power Dry


We recommend two car washes per month to help protect your vehicle's exterior paint.

Our protective coating application helps keep your vehicle looking like new.

We offer a monthly pass to help keep your car always in pristine condition.

Safety-first. We follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to keep our customers and employees safe during these challenging times.

Our team members wear face masks and wipe down common touchpoints such as the steering wheel, armrests, handles, and keys with sanitizing wipes before returning your vehicle to you.

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